Afrikaleaks Moderation Charter

by ladjate_20


To do so, he will choose a username (his own name or a pseudonym).

The user is informed that the pseudonym used may be subject to moderation and must in no case infringe on a third party intellectual property right, nor contravene the conditions set out below.

The user is responsible for the comments that he or she sends to the Site; he or she is bound to respect the legal and regulatory provisions in force, in particular those that punish abuses of freedom of expression.

Afrikaleaks reserves the right not to publish or to delete any comment that would be contrary to the conditions set out below and in particular :

comments of a discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, negationist, pornographic, paedophile nature

insulting, deliberately shocking, defamatory, or invasive of privacy, and more generally to the personality rights of any person;

words inciting violence, suicide, terrorism, the use, manufacture or distribution of substances that are illegal or regulated by law (drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc.);

any comments denigrating, degrading or harassing any other user, Afrikaleaks or its journalists;

remarks that offend human dignity;

words inciting or condoning the commission of crimes or misdemeanors, especially crimes against humanity;

content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties (in particular articles, works), for which the user does not have the necessary authorizations from the authors and/or assignees;

content promoting for-profit services.

Messages that do not comply with these rules may be deleted without notice.

As such, the author of the unpublished comment will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible of the reasons why the notice has not been published.

Users may request explanations about moderation by using the contact addresses of the Site (indicating your e-mail, nickname and URL of the article concerned), but no comment referring to the work of the moderation will be posted.

In case of regular non-compliance with these rules, Afrikaleaks reserves the right to systematically refuse a user’s comments, to temporarily or permanently suspend access to the user’s comment service.

As moderation does not allow Afrikaleaks to detect a priori all illegal content and in particular content that infringes upon the rights of third parties, the user guarantees Afrikaleaks against any action or claim resulting from the posting of his comment, if it proves to be illegal.

It is also reminded to the user that if his comment is illicit, the data allowing to identify him or his computer may be communicated by the Site’s hosts to the judicial authority, if the latter so requires, in accordance with article 6-II of the law of June 21, 2004.

2. The Site, if it allows to confront opinions on current debates, is in no way a dating Site. Subscribed users may react to comments posted online, but they are asked to avoid any aggressiveness, invective, interpellation or solicitation. They will not be able to exchange contact information in order to get in touch with other users of the Site. Any exchange or direct contact between two users will be considered as contrary to the present general conditions, and will therefore, if necessary, be the sole responsibility of the latter. Afrikaleaks cannot be prosecuted or held liable in any way for any direct contact or exchange between users.

3. The use of the Site by minors is under the responsibility and supervision of their parents and legal guardians.

4. Afrikaleaks makes available to the user and its own moderation services a device allowing him to report :

Abuse and comments that may be considered as not complying with these terms and conditions of use or the law;

Doubts as to the authenticity of an opinion.

Afrikaleaks will be free of the consequences of such alert if the report is sufficiently motivated. Afrikaleaks will therefore be free to withdraw a comment that it considers not in conformity with the present general terms of use or the law, and this without any formality or prior warning.

5. The Afrikaleaks moderation team reviews each comment received before posting it online. Users are therefore asked not to send a comment again unnecessarily, not to post the same comment under different articles or different pseudonyms, and to ban any technique such as spam, junk mail, troll…

The user will take care to avoid off-topic, unfounded rumors, false information, bad jokes and dubious comparisons. To be understood by all, the user will write legible and understandable messages: no SMS language, comments in capital letters or in foreign languages (except in exceptional cases). A comment will never be modified to meet the requirements of the charter but directly deleted. Comments responding to a deleted comment may also be deleted.

By sending his comment, the user accepts that the comment will be reproduced according to the rules of indexing and formatting and enhancement which are the sole responsibility of Afrikaleaks, in its capacity as publisher of the Website.

Afrikaleaks reserves the right to interrupt a debate that would become redundant or that would be invested by a flow of activists for any cause whatsoever.

6. The user acknowledges that his comment addressed to the FOCUS is a simple reaction on a subject of information, posted on a Press Site, and that as such it is public, free of rights, and can be freely disseminated, reused, commented. For any useful purpose and in the event that a comment is likely to be subject to intellectual property rights and in particular copyright, the user, by posting this comment, agrees to grant FOCUS all of his rights, including the right of reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation and distribution, free of charge and for the entire duration of the legal protection. This authorization is given for the publication of the commentary on the Site, regardless of the form of this publication and the processes for enhancing the commentary. Afrikaleaks may select the commentary and publish it in whole or in part in Afrikaleaks magazine or in any other publication published by Afrikaleaks, its subsidiaries or any company of the same group. This assignment of rights is valid for any medium and any mode of consultation (including all digital media, mobile applications, etc.), and without territorial limitation.

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