Ashanti Royal Court: Kill in a thousand, a thousand more will rise up

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Ashanti Royal Court: “KUM ÂPĘM TO À ÀPEM BĘBÀ: Kill a thousand, a thousand more will arise. “This slogan, in Twi, is that of the Ashanti Royal Court. It refers to the Ashanti warriors of the fifteenth century.

The Spicy Pig in the Ashanti Kingdom

The emblem of this kingdom, which you see displayed above the royal throne is the porcupine, at rest, rolled up above a small house with rounded shapes as it was built in the past. The eight bells represent the eight great tribes of the kingdom.

Ashanti royal court afrikaleaks
Ashanti royal court

The spicy pig attacks and defends itself from all angles at the same time. It can inflict serious wounds to its assailants who rub against it or direct its thorns, even throwing some of them with great acuity. This emblem is obviously made of solid gold, and is only one of the thousands of rare pieces of this type kept in the palace museum. It dates back several centuries and its market value is priceless.

From the Royal Cane

Underneath the household representing the kingdom is the royal cane, to signify that the king carries on his shoulders the destiny of the people. On the right is the flag of modern Ghana, a symbol of recognition of state authority, and on the left is the flag of the Ashanti kingdom, so that we never forget who they are. The slogan and the emblem of the spicy pig are recognized by soccer fans, as well as by Ashanti Kotoko, the famous kamasi club whose supporters like to chant: “Kum apem a, apem beba. »

On this photo which is contractual of the 13/10/20 the king questions with authority his cane holder: “Who is this person”, doing it according to the tradition, about HKB, standing, silent the hands on the belly facing him, at the time of his recent visit. Traditional leader of the Ashanti community, King Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is one of the traditional African rulers who have retained their…


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