Being a coquettish woman, quite an art

by JCK
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From head to toe, they are getting beautiful. Let’s start at the top, the head. It is a whole science that is implemented. The hair is braided flush with the scalp. For a weave, tufts of foreign hairs are delicately sewn into the mesh made of braids, which serves as a foundation.

Then a haircut is brought to him, to give his final appearance. Same for a wig, where in this option, the cut is made from balls of hair, sometimes Brazilian, sometimes Indian or other origins. Once this artificial cover is ready, it is glued to the scalp and the final cut is given.

Just underneath, the eyebrows will either be scientifically depilated, as it must be balanced, or marked with a pencil to give it the desired shape. And in extreme cases, the whole thing is shaved and the missing hairs are redrawn, either by tattooing or pencil marking. In all cases a very particular attention is paid to the eyebrows. A step below they will attack the eyelashes, again a very precise operation. False lashes or real lashes worked, the objective here is to obtain the wink or the look that kills. Thus, to give more volume to their lashes, they must apply mascara by making zigzag movements from the root to the tip of the lashes. Then they make a line of black pencil inside the mucous membrane of the upper eyelid to give the impression that their lashes are longer and thicker. All of this allows them to sheath the lashes, amplify them, give a different visual impression, and above all make their men melt at first glance.
Let’s move on to eyeliner. It’s not a coded military operation, I reassure you, but it looks like one. It’s those delicate strokes of pencils under the eye that would make more than one man tremble with fear. A whole art that our women mastered from a young age. If the word “contouring” is gibberish for 99.99% of men, it is well known to these ladies. It is simply when they dig out the shadowy areas of their face with a powder that gives it back its radiance. Foundation and lipsticks are essential basics, and in this matter we could produce three theses on the different ways to apply them. The shades evolve every year according to the latest trends. The earrings fixed, the face is ready, let’s move on to the lower part of the body.

Chain to the neck, chain to the kidneys, chain to the feet all depends on the feeling of each of them. One thing is sure, nine times out of ten, one

will find a chain somewhere. Waist chain, hip beads, hip necklace, or simply baya, let us note all the time a vulgarization of this jewelry we can not be more coquettish. The intimate parts are worked, total or partial depilation, it is according to, as well as the legs which will be the object of the total removal of all hairs. Even lower, the same sculptural art that will have been applied to the nails of the hand, will be applied to those of the foot. False nails placed after a manicure to the nearest millimeter. False pre-decorated nails or sculpted natural nails, a very particular attention is paid to this part of the body keratized. It sometimes takes more than an hour to obtain the desired shape.

I will spare you the long list of necessary tools, and the details of using such a long list of creams. Slimming creams, anti-aging creams, anti-stretch marks, anti wrinkle, anti blush, anti stain, anti age, anti everything, and we will almost have done the trick. No doubt I haven’t touched on a quarter of what our ladies actually do to please us, and to feel beautiful, because after all that, each one has its little secret. So gentlemen, you should know that behind these coquettish women that we like, there is a real effort of beauty that is to be saluted. Whether you are a fan of natural hair, pro movement nappy, or for all those little tricks that make the difference, this application to work its beauty is universal and it is as old as the world. Products, fashions and methods have certainly evolved, but deep down, this desire to amplify its charm, belongs to all cultures, social phenomenon as old as Cleopatra and Pharaohs. But what an application because what work, what respect!


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