Didier Drogba: candidacy for the presidency of the IFF rejected

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The latest twist in the race of Didier Drogba for the presidency of the FIF, this Thursday The candidacy of the former Ivorian international for the presidency of the soccer federation of his country is rejected by the electoral commission.

The announcement is made by the electoral commission of the Ivorian Football Federation which revealed the list of accepted candidatures.

Didier Drogba had finally managed to submit his candidacy after several vicissitudes. But the sponsorships presented by Didier Drogba were partially rejected. The one received from the Africa Sport of Abidjan, as Division 1 clubs, and the one obtained from AMAF-CI (referees) as interest groups are declared inadmissible, according to the commission.

He had had difficulty in gathering the required number of sponsorships but finally managed to obtain them after some upheavals. Indeed, his file was initially validated on August 9, without notifying the candidates of the decision, which led the BIF to suspend the commission and the electoral process. Reinstated by the Fifa, the commission then resumed its work without its president René Diby, who slammed the door. The former Minister of Sports would have refused to hold a new vote within the commission to designate the candidates already validated.

Yacine Idriss Diallo, former third vice-president of the FIF and the current vice-president of the Federation and the president of the League Sory Diabaté saw their candidatures accepted to succeed Augustin Sidy Diallo.

The former Chelsea player wanted to contribute to the rebirth of Ivorian soccer which according to him “is going badly”. He had, from the outset, the support of his teammate Yaya Touré.

Yacine Idriss Diallo, former 3rd vice-president of the FIF, the current vice-president of the Federation and president of the League Sory Diabaté saw their applications accepted.

“It is not so much being president of the FIF that interests me, but it is the mission that binds this function (…) Our soccer is going badly (…) we are committed to contribute to the rebirth of Ivorian soccer (…) I am back and determined to make my contribution to the building, renewal and development of Ivorian soccer. It is very important for me to give back to Ivorian soccer all that it has given me,” said the former international who retired in 2018.

Didier Drogba has five days to appeal this decision. This election, in the form of imbroglio becomes a soap opera that keeps us all decidedly in suspense …


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