Disturbing disappearance in France of Diary Sow, the “best student in Senegal”.

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Disparition de Diary Sow

All leads, including that of the runaway, are being considered after the disappearance on January 4 of the young Senegalese student Diary Sow in Paris. Very well known in her country, where she embodies a model of academic success, the young Senegalese student has not shown any sign of life since January 1, when she returned from vacation.

An investigation has been opened in France for “disturbing disappearance” since the 20-year-old young woman did not return to school after the Christmas vacations at the prestigious Parisian lycée Louis-Le-Grand, where she is studying in a preparatory class for the grandes écoles.

According to the Senegalese student community in Toulouse, Diary Sow spent the end of the year vacations in this southwestern French city with her best friend, a medical student. She was due to leave on January 1. Described as a punctual and serious student, Diary Sow’s absence after the last vacations worried her family and friends.

According to a source close to the case, the disappearance was reported on January 7 by the Senegalese consul. The French and Senegalese authorities said they were doing everything possible to find the young woman. The Brigade de répression de la délinquance à la personne has taken charge of the investigation while the Senegalese community living in France is strongly mobilized. The Senegalese student community has been active on social networks and in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, where the young woman lives in a university residence. Posters with her photo have been put up in the neighborhood.

On the Consulate’s website, a missing persons report with the young woman’s photo and a telephone number (07 85 93 32 11) was published.

Her disappearance is causing a great stir in Senegal, where Diary Sow, “Miss Sciences” in 2017, won the general competition in 2018 and 2019 and was named “best student” in the country. She had been received by President Macky Sall.

The Senegalese press has reported her disappearance for several days and some Senegalese have posted her photo as a profile picture on their WhatsApp email messages. Known as Senegal’s top student, Diary Sow is the author of the novel Le Visage d’un Ange, published in 2020 and according to a Senegalese student in Paris, she was writing her second book.


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