Mali: Malians pay a last tribute to President ATT

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Président ATT

The remains of former President ATT, who died in Turkey on November 10, arrived in the country early this Saturday. Awaiting his official funeral expected tomorrow at the Military Engineers’ takeover place, the Transition authorized a funeral procession to pay tribute to President ATT. Draped in green-yellow-red, the coffin on the vehicle of the Army Commander left the Marchoux Institute near the paratroopers camp, the regiment to which he belonged, after 9 am for the top departure of the funeral procession.

Thank you ATT

At 10 o’clock, the procession framed by an important security system arrives at the Independence Monument to the applause of the local residents and service workers who lined it and then skirted the Boulevard de l’Indépendance. Like them, Fatoumata Diarra, a sexagenarian seated at the edge of the Boulevard of Independence to welcome the procession. “My health and my age do not make it possible any more to traverse as many kilometers. Nevertheless, I managed to come here to bid farewell to ATT. I owe him this sacrifice for all the efforts he has made for the country,” she says with a knotted throat. Next to her grandchildren were chanting “ATT sleeps in peace”, “Mali will be grateful to you”. Others were holding up signs with her picture on them that read “Thank you ATT”.

President ATT
Remains of President ATT – Mali

A last farewell from some to ATT the “soldier of Malian democracy”.

For the occasion, thousands of people mobilized for this popular tribute to ATT. And everyone, in their own way, described the man: “He was a patriot”, “He was a builder”, “He was a Republican”, “He was a Democrat” and it is for these values that he embodied that thousands of people participated in his funeral procession.

Maimouna Diallo claims to have traveled several distances to witness the event. Dressed in black, a sign of mourning, for the young Maimouna, “ATT is a huge loss for Mali. Moreover, she maintains that the country has lost a statesman, a visionary. “I was going to regret all my life not to have participated in this tribute,” she says in a trembling voice.


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