Mali: Anti-COVID measures create a serious crisis

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MALI anti-Covid measures

In Mali, the anti-Covid measures, taken Friday in the Council of Ministers, create strong protests at the hands of the media, especially private and civilian populations.

These measures provide for the control, by public authorities, the contents of radio broadcasts, similar bodies, SMS messages on social networks, percussion, at any time, private homes of suspicious persons … throughout the duration of the state of emergency will remain in force until January 04, 2021.

According to these anti Covid measures, bars, restaurants, cultural activities reception houses, schools (secondary, higher … public and private …) must remain closed.

However, markets, mosques, and churches remain open.

No more than 50 people were allowed in groups, at funerals, baptisms, or weddings.

These measures have not been observed for the wedding ceremonies of this Sunday, December 20, 2020.

On this Sunday morning, in spite of this new reversed measure, long processions of cars and motorcycles were observed in the streets of Bamako.

Journalists of the private press see these anti-covid measures as a way to intimidate the disturbing media and to restrict the freedom of information .

The trade unions of the independent media thus held a press conference on Sunday, December 20, to denounce the said anti-covid measures that hide intentions that do not say their name .


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