Mali : ATT Funeral, Why was IBK absent?

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IBK était absent

Overthrown on August 18 by a military putsch preceded by strong demonstrations, the former Malian president IBK was the great absentee at the funeral of his counterpart ATT.

Indeed, in less than one hour of the death of former Malian President Amadou Toumani Touré, known as ATT in Istanbul, many Malian Internet users launched what they called the #ChallengeATT. This challenge consisted in citing the achievements of the latter during the 10 years of his regime. And the more this challenge advanced, the detractors of former president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in turn used it to ridicule him.
While many Malians were expecting to see IBK at the funeral of his younger brother ATT, the opposite was true. For it was rather the former president Alpha Oumar Konaré who was making his appearance after several years out of the spotlight.

In trying to find out the reason for IBK’s absence at this state funeral, a source very close to his family tried to provide a justification.

“The absence of President IBK is justified by the political situation prevailing at the moment related to the events of August 18. He just preferred to avoid controversy in the name of the stability of the country. First of all, try to understand if he has not already been to the home of the deceased or if he is not expected there any time soon. »

It should always be remembered that it is thanks to the political will of his successor that ATT returned to the fold after the coup of March 22, 2012 before his rehabilitation with all the honors due to his rank” hammered our source.
He also stressed that the presence of the former first Dr. Boubou Cissé was a way for President IBK to testify his own.
Acclaimed as a national hero, the late ATT had also been so honored after his overthrow by the coup d’état of March 22, 2012.


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