Suspect: 95-0 and 91-1, Improbable Scores in Sierra Leone

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joueurs de l'équipe nationale de sierra leone

In Sierra Leone, two Eastern Regional Super 10 League matches are puzzling the authorities. And for good reason: over 90 goals were scored in each of them!

On Sunday, Kahunla Rangers thrashed Lumbebu United 95-0 while Gulf FC of Kono crushed Koquima Lebanon 91-1. Both teams were in the fight for promotion. With both teams tied on points, it was all about goal difference.
Given the extent of the scoreline (which was only 2-0 and 7-1 at half-time), both results could not be certified.

An investigation was immediately opened by the president of the federation, Thomas Daddy Brima.

We cannot let such mediocrity go unpunished. Those responsible will have to appear before an anti-corruption commission and will have to answer for their actions.

Thomas Daddy Brima
Thomas Daddy Brima
Thomas Daddy Brima

Last month’s results caused a stir in South Africa, where fourth-tier teams conceded dozens of goals. Suspensions of between six and eight years were handed down to the managers of the offending clubs.

A few years ago, Nigeria was affected by a spate of uncontrolled goals in the amateur divisions. In 2013, Plateau United dominated Akurba FC 79-0 while Police Machine FC scored 67 goals against Babayaro FC.


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