What if we were really more resistant?

by JCK
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In view of what I observe in South Africa, especially in the upmarket neighborhoods, inhabited mostly by whites, the areas most affected, and in the townships of blacks, less affected.

With regard to what is observed in the sub-Saharan part of the continent in general, where the cataclysm announced, is not at the same stage of arrival of the pandemic as in Europe.

Reminding me of the many readings recently made, testifying to the natural resistance of the descendants of black slaves compared to Indians and whites, in the French and English islands of the Caribbean during the global H1N1 flu pandemic.

Considering that during the Spanish flu, black nurses were trained in emergency in the United States because they were more resistant to the virus, and due to a lack of white personnel, many of them were infected in the first months.

One has the right to wonder about the possible immune system of black Africans, LIVING IN THE NATURAL AFRICAN HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT, which over the centuries has become more resistant than that of other races, to influenza in general.

We are right to ask ourselves this legitimate question. Yes, we have the right! But alas, in doubt and waiting for validation by Western scientists of these theories that some will find crazy, the best thing to do is to respect the barrier measures.

Illustration: 1918, young black women in the United States who came out of the sugar cane fields and were trained in a hurry to replace the sick white personnel during the Spanish flu pandemic in the United States (549,000 deaths, the first country to be affected).

Note: please please read what is written in capital letters before talking about the case of black Americans.


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