Belgium: Call for Demonstration following the death at the police station of young Ibrahima B., 23 years old.

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Ibrahima Barry, a young 23 year old man from Brussels, died in the evening of Saturday, January 9 after having collapsed in a police station in the Brussels North police zone. The death of young Ibrahima was noted around 8:22 pm at the Saint-Jean Clinic. An hour earlier, he arrived at the police station called “Brabant” located in Saint-Josse.

After having been arrested at 7pm near the North Station for, according to our information, having filmed a police check that was taking place at the esplanade of the same station in Brussels, the young man lost consciousness upon his arrival at the police station. He was then taken in charge by the emergency services before being taken to hospital, where he died a little later. His relatives, who are wondering about the circumstances of his arrest and the cause of his death, are demanding justice and are calling for a demonstration this Wednesday.

Death of young Ibrahima B
Ibrahima Barry

This Saturday, January 9, at around 7:00 pm, police officers from the Brussels North police zone proceeded to an identity check at the esplanade of the Gare du Nord station. According to our colleagues from Sudinfo, the young man decided to film the scene before fleeing so as not to be checked himself. “He will be stopped by the police following a foot chase”, confirms Stéphanie Lagasse, spokesperson for the Brussels public prosecutor’s office.

The young man was then deprived of his liberty and taken to the so-called “Brabant” police station located in Saint-Josse, which falls under the authority of the Brussels North police zone (Polbruno, active in Schaerbeek, Saint-Josse and Evere), to be heard there. But on his arrival at the station, he lost consciousness. He will be taken to the hospital, where he dies at 8:22 pm.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has ordered an investigation to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the young man’s death.

The victim’s family and relatives are questioning the circumstances of the young man’s arrest, and are calling on social networks for a demonstration on Wednesday to get answers about this tragic death.

The public prosecutor’s office has also asked to seize and analyze all the video surveillance images, both at the police station and at the scene of the arrest. An autopsy and toxicological analysis were requested to establish the cause of death.


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